Spa Treatments Available at Luxury Camping Sites

Glamping is a way to experience the outdoors in style. Luxury camping sites offer everything from luxurious accommodations to body treatments and spa services. Some facilities even have wellbeing, health and treatments for couples. Some of these sites have their own private pools. There are also several ways to experience nature while staying at luxury camping sites. The following are some ideas for spas and other amenities you might want to find at a luxury camping site.

Parc Des Roches is a luxury camping site that offers spa services. The Spa features massages, body scrubs, and facials, using natural ingredients and locally harvested massage stones. In addition to the spa’s treatments, the site has a private bathhouse and offers local sparkling wines. The ten-tented facility includes a yoga pavilion and a yoga tent. The services and amenities are free, and each tent is equipped with an outdoor shower.

The spa resort has a unique holistic approach to wellness. The Four Columns Inn has a traditional Western and Eastern massage therapy, and a spa terrace overlooks Gull Lake. This luxury camping site is a popular location for bridal parties. Guests can book individual services or book a stay-and-spa package. It’s also a great place for romantic getaways with your significant other.

The treatment room offers a variety of body treatments. The goal is to balance the mind, body, and spirit. The menu features artisanal cocktails and a gourmet breakfast every morning. A 50-minute Hops Massage is the signature treatment. Afterwards, relax in the hot tub while sipping on a glass of rose or chocolate. You can also relax with a relaxing Thai herbal poultice.

The tents feature a Turkish spa and a Turkish bath. Guests can choose from a variety of options. Ame Spa & Wellness uses organic Aveda products and will provide meals, electricity, and outdoor showers. They are also known for offering glamping experiences. Moreover, the best camps are those that offer a variety of amenities for guests. You may choose to stay at one of the luxury camping sites, which offers a range of experiences.

The best luxury camping sites offer a wide range of services. Many of them include massages and spas. The services provided in these spas are usually customized and will suit your needs and your budget. For example, you can get a massage at Salamander Resort, where there are hot stone treatment terraces and aromatherapy rooms. Another great option for luxury camping is the Westglow Resort & Spa. It offers a variety of body and facial services.